Glitterstep out now

D-Code and Chan1 - Glitterstep from Nerm on Vimeo.

Shiva Soundsystem, as in boys Nerm & D Code build up for the launch of their debut album, with the mahoosive Glitterstep. Available here Or Grab it from iTunes, Amazon, Juno Download. Remixers: Sub Swara, Pirate Soundsystem, Kutski and False Economy
Track supporters: Annie Mac, Laurant Garnier, Pendulum, Tayo, Kissy Sell Out, Bobby & Nihal

Shot and Edited by the one and only YouTube star: NSGMusic!

House raving in Manchester 1986 style

Amazing. House raving before house music 'officially' arrived in 1988 and the first summer of love. check the skanking. Big thanks to Greg 'electro funk' Wilson, for this.


Award winning short film - The Great Identity Swindle

I'm in this somewhere. Big up my boy Nikesh, aka Yamboy, one of only three people who have ever let me play records at their night. More fool him.


Ali B's free back to mine style mix

Ali B of banging breaks night, has done a free Back To Mine style mix, which is available here


New Ruff Sqwad video

Looking slick. Ruff Sqwad is of course the crew from which a certain Tnchy Stryder emerged. Which is quite timely considering his choon No.1 is No.1 in the midweeks - which is usually a barometer of what will be No.1 come Sunday. This boy's grinding hard and appearing on very unexpected collaborations such as Gang Gang Dance, Toddla T, Frank Musik, which is all very clever and a great way of growing awareness of Tinchy.


Shifty Mixtape

A free mixtape, mixed by Rich Reason for Riz MC, in support of the film Shifty, which is out on Friday. I've been banging on about this film since December when I saw it at the London Film Festival for two reasons 1) it's a fantastic British film 2) my mate Riz is in it and is bloody good in it too.

Anyone that knows anything about British film and/or music will have been aware of Riz and the serious moves he's been making over the last couple of years - Shifty should make him known to a much wider audience. Got to say maximum respect for Riz's tight promo game, recording an exclusive track with Plan B and Sway, and then this mixtape just before the film's release. Wannabes? Watch and learn.

Anyway enough of my ramblings, here's the link and tracklisting (loving the variety)

HIT&RUN Presents:

THE SHIFTY MIXTAPE – Mixed by RICH REASON (Hit&Run / Warehouse Project / Ape / Hemlock / Black Acre / Strange Fruit )


Roots Manuva - No Strings (Big Dada)
Burial - Archangel (Hyperdub)
Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason – Lo-Fi-Ve (Black Acre)
Pangaea – Memories (White)
Roy Davies Jnr feat. Peven Everett – Gabrielle (Large)
Paradox and MdCL – Dystopia (Paradox Music)
Fallacy & Fusion – Groundbreaker (Virgin)
DZ – Old Timers (Black Acre)
Shifty Soundtrack Music
Bjork – Play Dead (One Little Indian)
Toasty – Knowledge -Untold Remix (Hot Flush)
Logistics – Slow Motion (Hospital)
Breakage – Hindsight (Bassbin)
Break feat. Kyo – Last Chance (Symmetry)
Shy Fx feat T-Power – Feelings – Nu:Tone Re-Rub (Soundboy Burial)
Riz MC, Sway and Plan B - Shifty (Scandalous Unltd. Remix)


Sunny hip hop soul for a Beautiful Day

Love the Dee Jay T (play on Jay Dee, as in J Dilla). me want one.


Skepta - Too Many Man

Have to say I"m not overly enthused by choon or video.

Free download of Freeland's new single Under Control

Breaks maestro Freeland has been increasingly moving towards instruments, vocals and the live set up. You can download his current single here for the price of your email.

It follows the blueprint (big beefy beats, guitars, crisp drums and a shouty sing-along song) of his big tune from a couple of years ago, We Want Your Soul.

What do u call it? Punk rock breaks??

Patchwork Pirates - RIP KFC Mix

Big mix from tag team party banger trio, the Patchwork Pirates. It's to flag up their next night this Saturday (Apr 25 at The Legion) in association with New York's coolest party - a daytime barbecue, Dante's Fried Chicken (where Santogold did her first gig as solo artist Santogold). Mix is available here

1. Hug-A-Thug Intro Beats
2. Young Jeezy - 'Let's Get It / Sky's The Limit'
3. Mono/Poly - 'MS14'
4. MOP - 'Ante Up' (Lunice Remix)
5. Cabin Bwoy - 'Jam Hot'
6. T-Pain - 'Fire'
7. Hermut Lobby - 'Rock The Bells'
8. B-Real, Judge Dredd & Young Jeezy - 'Get That Dough'
9. Resun - 'Delorean Driver' (Hovatron Remix)
10. Fabolous - 'Round & Round'
11. Snoop Dogg - 'Gangsta Like Me'
12. Nosaj Thing - '1685'
13. Alex B - 'Pressure Cooker'
14. Nelly Ft. Too Short & E-40 - 'Bay'
15. San Quinn Ft. Traxamillion - 'Do Yo Thizzle'
16. Slugabed - 'ODB'
17. I:Cube - 'Fabu'
18. I:Cube Ft. RZA - 'Can You Deal With That?'

Here's a FREELOADER (Where to find gratis music 'pon t'interweb) piece I did for Metro on Patchwork Pirates in December

Patchwork Pirates

The Patchwork Pirates (Tom McCarthy, Terence Teh and Alex Stevenson) are promiscuous plunderers of booty-licious bass-led music and global rap, and have devastated clubs from Barcelona to Birmingham to New York and London, with buccaneering soundtracks taking in up-tempo hip-hop (hyphey, grime and crunk), rap classics and bass-heavy genres including dubstep, Bmore gutter. The Pirates’ Myspace features exclusive mixes including the marauding Thugs & Hugs which distills exactly what the trio is about: opening with Stardust’s Music Sounds Better With You laced with gunshots and Lil’ Wayne’s slack flow, folk-rap morphs into shaking Bmore gutter, Salt-n-Pepa’s Push It is spliced with minimal electro, and the rowdy finale features SMD’s hip-house anthem It’s The Beat, reggaeton, ‘King of Grime’ Skepta and a brutal collision betwixt hyphey and dubstep. Myspaz here

Official Tribal Skank vid-e-oh


Big new artist alert Engine Earz

Engine Earz, kinda like an Asian influenced massive attack with some serious bass weight. Nathan Flutebox Lee is pretty damn incredibe too. A match made in musical nirvana.

Charlie Sloth webisode 23


Harmless or nasty?

Kanye West, Kid Cudi & Common riposte to Lady GaGa's Poker Face, I Poke Her Face (snigger, snigger) with the rather lovely line "Get up on this conscious dick" courtesy of Common. I'm no fan of Lady Gaga, but this doesn't sit right. What hope has hip hop got when its supposedly superior, conscious lyricists come up with cheap shots like this????


Dirty Canvas - free mix from Reecha

Dirty Canvas is of course London's leading underground urban night championing grime, funky, dubstep and all points in between, from waaaaaaaaay back when. Which includes the dark days of the mid-noughties when grime was getting no love and dances were getting locked off left right and centre. Anyways this mix features smoking bangers (Gullybrook Lane is still a killer one of my fave tunes of 2008, Message Is Love is just madness from Badness & Silverlink) from the names above and is available here