Where I'll be in the first weekend of August

Check out the The Garden Zadar website for a whole host of cutting edge music weekends in an intimate, idyllic setting.

Music Week - SugaRush Beat Company

Waxing lyrical on SugaRush Beat Company, who really are soultastic.

Begz tonight - don't call it a comeback

One of the most hardworking and progressive rap crews, Foreign Beggars in the UK are back tonight. Mala (DMZ) recently told me he'd been working with Pav, aka Orifice Vulgatron (how good is that name), aka Begz main rapper.


Kode 9's Time Patrol video

Directed by Jasmin Jondry. In other news Hyperdub's on the hip hop tip, well on the FlyLo style electronic hip hop tip, by releasing Samiyam's Return EP, today!


Boy Better Know remix Jay Sean

Not sure about this at all - despite the presence of Skepta and Chipmunk. But hey grime and desi beats scenes reaching out to and supporting each other's markets, is a good thing.


Bashy - From Kidulthood To Adulthood

The film's out tomorrow. It's well worth catching. Big up Bashy for being music supervisor on this film, after Black Boys and this, he's on the rise and destined for big tings. He deserves it, I've been aware of him since Chupa Chups mixtape from a few years back. He's been grinding hard.

Dizzee & Calvin Harris: Dance Wiv Me

BAD BOY CHOON & COLLAB. Next up is Dizzee, David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, from Brighton Port Authority, Slim's new LP. Hmmm. Not sure I'm holding much hope for that.


Old like Iceberg Jeans?

Kano freestyling on Logan Sama's Kiss show last week. Kano murks the mic with lines like: 'Old like Iceberg jeans'. Big up the beat - it's UFO Mode from hot newcomer Rudekid, look out for his Are U Ready EP. Soon come.

Bizzle Bottled at Download

A message from Bizzle's PR:

Lethal Bizzle performed his set at Download Festival, Donington on Sunday 15th June.

His booking caused a bit of controversy with a few people who discussed it on the forums saying there was no place for Bizzle and urban music at Download.

Bizzle took to the stage on Sunday to a barrage of bottles coming from a hostile crowd, and announced ‘im not scared of you, I’m doing my set’. Unfazed he proceeded to do an absolute blinding set, and by the end had the haters quietened by the cheers from the rest of the crowd sreaming ‘we want more!’

During the show he was pelted with some racially abusive objects including a banana skin which had the words “bizzle you black c**t” written on the inside in black marker, as well as some figures of monkeys.

He totally rocked the show and whether anyone agrees with him being on the bill or not that can’t be denied.

Bizzle says to the guys that did this ‘fuck you’!

Footage of it raining bottles at Download

Whether you love, hate or are indifferent to Bizzle, racism of this nature is totally unacceptable. However, I do think it was most likely some over-excited lairy, pissed up teenagers who went a bit OTT, in their anti-Bizzle, grime has no place at Download, silliness. I hope so, coz it's more than a little scary if this comparable to John Barnes being pelted with bananas when he played for Liverpool in the late 1980s.


Skinnyman - Smoking Ban

Skinnyman's Smoking Ban video to coincide with the first anniversary of Britain's Smoking Ban.

Tinchy Stryder - video for single Stryderman

Tinchy Stryder's new video, directed by the very talented Mo (Draw Productions), and apparently the tune's produced by Kano, no less. Seems like everyone's on the electro tip at the mo.