Skepta - Sunglasses At Night


Skepta's new choon. Sorry but for me the grime/electro thing is a bit tired now. In fact the whole electro trend - is it even a trend it's been around for the better part of a decade for chrissakes - in dance music and pop is B.O.R.I.N.G.

I'm a jaded cynical journo who's seen it all before so excuse my cynicism, I'm sure this will go off in clubs, be all over the radio and do very well. And big up Mighty Mo' for the video.

Hexstatic remix Street Fighter

How old school does this game look now?? I used to love it and spent (wasted) many a red-eyed hour trying to perfect the power moves. If you like and want to find out more about pioneering A/V artists Hexstatic, click here


Kano's comedy sideburns

Big choon! I'm loving the rolling funk/blaxploitation vibe. This is expected to chart, and ironically it would see Kano chart with a rap (rather than grime) track, produced drum & bass icons, Chase & Status. It's a strange mixed up world we live in, and all the better for it. Drum & bass has had its head up its arse for too long.


Free album download

UK hip hop producer, JC, has kindly made his latest album available for freeeeee. That'll help beat the January/credit crunch blues.

Here's the tracklisting, and it's available from his bloggle. Is it cheeky to say Klashnekoff's on the album when it's a freestyle from five years ago? U decide.

JC presents
'The KHz Project'
(No Money Records)

01: KHz Intro ft. Jay Diamond for KHz News
02: The Day ft. R.C
03: Judgement Day ft. Sonnyjim, Kosyne, R.C & LKC
04: Move ft. Shade 1 & Yogi
05: Instrumonumental
06: KHz ft Menace, R.C & Karizma
07: Klashnekoff Freestyle 2004
08: R.C Freestyle
09: I Am ft Kyza
10: Trashgash ft Nicky Taurus
11: Po-po skit
12: They Don't Know the Name ft. RC
13: SY State of Mind ft. Nicky Taurus, Tef & Joe Kobi
14: Whuss Raw ft. Nicky Taurus & VenDetta
15: KHz Outro: End of Transmission ft. Skandal


One to watch - Selah

Amazing vocals, from lady like Selah. She's the vocalist on Blame's Because Of You single which is being caned on Radio 1. You can here Because Of You at Selah's myspaz, here. Big up Anthony, for the heads up.


Blowing my own....

.... TRUMPET! I first posted this tune about three weeks ago. And now it's been signed by AATW/Universal. I guess that's one of the benefits of working with young peeps!

New directions in making it in the music biz

This is the TV series of Charlie Sloth, a rapper from North London, who instead of the usual music biz hustle, has come up with a weekly TV series around the trials and tribulations of his experiences in trying to make it in the rap game.

In short it's very amusing, and a great idea. This popped into my in box today, and has already had nearly 56K views - so there's no doubting it's a slick marketing tool. Ya get me??

Here's a brief blurb on it from the Jump Off who are guiding him. I had an age-off with Ara Jump Off at the RWD Xmas Party, and won. Does that make me big in the game??

Jump Off TV reports "In this weeks episode Charlie prepares the 'Making Of' footage, receives a call from a genuine Stalker, catches up with Def Jam UKs Fricktion, gets some advice from MC Duke on Skype, the team have a Photo Shoot with Paul H, Manager accuses Charlie of getting signed behind his back, Caspian talks beats with the Producer and LiaCe records the 'I Love Your Swagger' hook."


2000 & Grime

Butterz is on a one man mission to rep grime. He's got a show on RinseFM and a blog, so I can forgive him for supporting Arsenal. Anways, he hit me up, to let me know about his 2000 & Grime mix which you can get here. Track listing below!

100% Grime in the mix.

P Money - Grime Scene
D1 - Oingy Boingy
Maniac - Thug
Tinchy Stryder - Rollin
Royal T - 1UP
Mz Bratt Feat Griminal - Drop Bombs
DOK - Royal Flush
Joker - Do it
JME - Ju Ju Riddim
Joker & Rustie - Play Doe
Jammer Feat Frisco & Tempa T - Big Man Ting
Royal T - Wheres My Money? (Butterz Special)
Ghetto Feat Griminal - Dont Phone Me
Mr Snowman - Triple Drop (Butterz Special)
DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty (Sukh Knight RMX)
Tempa T - Next Hype
Waifer - Gunman Skank
DVA - Bullet A Go Fly
???? - ??????????????

Crazi Cousinz featuring Kyla Do U Mind?

Funky's gonna blow up BIG in 2009, mark my words.